Who we are.

About Savvy Penny.

Savvy Penny is a unique, patented coupon and advertisement system designed for retailers to deliver in-store promotions to their customers at the moment of product selection.

New customers can register for free at the kiosk located at the stores' entrance by introducing their mobile phone number. While all phones need to be Bluetooth capable, customers will not receive text messages nor calls; the mobile phone number simply acts to identify the shopper.

Once registered, customers can visit the screens located in each aisle to browse and select the coupons that interest them. These coupons will be located in the aisle where the products are sold.

Shoppers identify themselves by entering the last 4 digits of their mobile phone, select the coupons they would like to use and they will be automatically added to their account and ready to be redeemed at the cash register. Savings will be reflected on the purchase receipt, just like paper coupons, but without the hassle of sorting and clipping at home or forgetting to bring the coupons to the store.

For retailers, Savvy Penny can strengthen customer loyalty, tap new revenue streams, improve inventory turnover, increase impulse purchases, provide useful insight and consumer spending habits about the customers, and on the other hand, providing them with rewards and savings by using the retailer's suppliers' budget. The interactive ads on Savvy Penny also act as a flexible in-store media channel with prime time, rotations, and takeovers.

With Savvy Penny, manufacturers, who do not have any coupon set up fees, can pinpoint price elasticity to set optimal promotional discounts, control promotional budget, eliminate coupon fraud, and receive a flexible marketing tool with measurable results and real-time reporting.

The Savvy Penny system features centralization and control over all activities involving coupon advertising, a decrease in time and cost of coupon production, distribution, and processing, no printing or mailing costs as well as no wait times nor waste, minimization of fraud, improper redemptions, deductions, and adjustments, validation of every coupon prior to its redemption, incremental in-Store consumption, redemption, and usage, and detailed "proof of purchase" reports with transaction dates and time.